Saturday, February 27, 2010

New learning

So for my first entry on here, I was thinking about learning new things. I am signed up for a class in the morning to learn how to do African Embroidery. I saw a great exhibit of this at "Road 2 California" (for those non-quilter crafters who may read this, this is one of the biggest quilt shows in the area of So-Cal). All of the pieces were hand embroidered on black fabric. I am not sure what is different in African Embroidery then in regular hand sewn embroidery, but that is one thing I hope to find out! What was really cool about this is that all the classes on learning this new art had already been filled up at "Road" and I was a bit disappointed. But I figured that it would be something I would look for in next years "Road" and try to sign up early. Well, as luck would have it, I didn't have to wait that long. One of the ladies in my Quilt Guild had taken the classes and had become a certified teacher of this new to me art! So of course, I signed up to take the class and it is being held in about 10 hours from now (I really should be in bed already.....after all, it isn't even Friday anymore, we are now into Sat.!) So, as I was contemplating learning this new craft I dug out my fliers and cards and such that I had collected at "Road" and found the one for this particular craft item and swiftly looked up the web site! I was pretty excited when I also found out they are having a contest of sorts and the winner can win some decent money! So, with that, I got a whole new excitement for learning this! The thought of winning at something that should be pretty fun to do is exciting all in it's own right, but another great thing that I like about entering into such contests is what you can learn from the comments from the judges and also from looking and studying the ones that DO win (supposing of course that my first time one wouldn't win, that is!) When I finish my piece I will be sure to post a picture of it! I am not sure what I will fashion it into yet, maybe a pillow. I have way to many other projects going on to take on something big like a quilt!! But a pillow is pretty easy to finish up. Or maybe a purse would be good. That would be something that not only I could enjoy, but I could show off this great art to all that see my purse! It is getting to be time to make a new one anyway! I have never been a big purse person, you know the kind, they have a purse that matches every outfit, a different kind for every style of clothes you wear, one for work, one for evening, one for casual, one for walking the dog.....whatever.....I usually have ONE purse. It is usually something that is easy to carry and has room for my stuff. I don't like changing all that stuff from one purse to another, and am always afraid that if I DO change that stuff, I will not put the RIGHT stuff into the new one. Besides, who wants to take up valuable storage space with purses when I can use that space for more fabric and yarn and books and sewing machines and doodads!!! But, lately I have found so many really cute purse patterns and some very creative outlets for using embroidery designs without having to take up a lot of extra time. I have made a bunch of purses that I brought to a craft fair to sell (of course it didn't do to well.....I think the people that came to the show already could make their own and so not much interest was shown at the show for these and if I try to sell them at a swap meet the people don't really want to pay more then a dollar or two for them!!) But anyway, if I try to do anything with them, I have to get someone to do the "sitting" for me as I cannot sit the whole day at a craft fair or farmers market or whatever......Anyway, I got away from the original topic.....African Embroidery. I am really excited, they use some really vibrant colors and I think I want to add some bling to it with beads and crystals and such! It should be fun and you can never stop learning!!

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