Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Ok, the African Folklore Embroidery ladies name is Leora Rankin!! I wrote about her in an earlier blog! I don't know why I forgot her name! Happy holidays to all, hope it is a good one and a safe one and you get to see all of your family (if you want to and if you don't want to, I am sorry.....because family is SO important).

Catching up

Well, I DID learn the new skill of African Folklore Embroidery, and I DID finish my first project, which turned out quite nice, especially for a first time project. I took that panel that came in my kit and stitched with all the new stitches I learned and all the really pretty and bright thread colors and then when it was done, I decided to make a pillow with it! A friend of mine had given a really pretty half yard or more of fabric that had really bright flowers on it and a black background. Well, geuss what? That fabric was PERFECT for the outline of the embroidery panel I did! So, the panel and fabric were introduced to each other and became one! I sent in to to be part of a display at the Long Beach Quilt Show (the original teacher of the African Folklore Embroidery had sent out a challenge for people to enter their projects and those that were sent in were displayed). When I got it back (I didn't win, but that's ok) I got some very nice comments from the instructor, her name just slips my mind right now....that is terrible... I think it is because it is late, but I will post it when I remember it! I would love to take advanced classes from her!! It would give me something to do while I am resting in my recliner and watching tv at night! And I LOVE learning new things. I think we can never stop learning. And that is one thing that no one can take from you (well except off course disease) but no person can ever take your education and learning from you and hopefully you can pass some of it on to others.